O2 DOWN – Customers can’t make calls as issue hits O2 and Tesco Mobile

The O2 network appears to be down and not working this morning as hundreds of customers are reporting issues with making and receiving phone calls.

The popular UK mobile service which is one of the biggest in the UK appears to have hit problems at around 10am with the calling issue affecting people across the whole of the country.

Independent website monitor, DownDetector, is showing a surge of issues with thousands of Tesco Mobile users currently hit by the outage.

DownDetector is an independent website which tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the globe.

There’s no word on what is causing the issues but O2’s status page is confirming that there are problems with making calls.

When checking for problems in areas across the UK the page reads: “Sorry a phone mast in this area isn’t working. This means your service might come and go until we fix it.”

Customers have also taken to forum pages to complain about the problems with one saying: “Is there something wrong with the network today? No mobile.”

Whilst another simply said: “I can’t make calls.”


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