Ninja, Shroud both free agents after Microsoft shuts down Mixer; Twitter adds jokes

Fans of Mixer — all 12 of them — are in for a shock.

After three years under the Mixer acronym, Microsoft announced on Monday that the streaming service would be shut down and merged with Facebook Gaming in a month’s time.

“We started pretty far behind, in terms of where Mixer’s monthly active viewers were compared to some of the big players out there,” Microsoft head of gaming Phil Spencer told The Verge. “I think the Mixer community is really going to benefit from the broad audience that Facebook has through their properties, and the abilities to reach gamers in a very seamless way through the social platform Facebook has.”

Current Mixer streamers are going to be placed on Facebook Gaming, with which Microsoft will partner. 

Mixer made waves in 2019 when popular streamer Ninja (real name Richard Blevins Jr.) jumped ship from TwitchTV to Mixer, which was viewed as a major move for Microsoft at the time. Unfortunately for Ninja and Mixer, his impact was minimal. 

According to The Verge, Ninja and Shroud are able to switch back to whatever streaming services they prefer using — Ninja was out of contract with Mixer, as well — which opens the door for Ninja to make his return to Twitch. 

According to another report, both Ninja and Shroud were being courted by Facebook Gaming to make the jump, but both of them said, “Nah.”

Twitter had jokes about the untimely death of the service:

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