NFL Draft 2021: Jaguars will be back on clock to begin Day 3

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The final day of the 2021 NFL Draft will begin at noon ET on Saturday. The final four rounds of the draft will take place in Cleveland.

While many future superstars from the collegiate level are taken in the first few rounds of the draft, many Hall of Famers were also taken in the latter part of the event.

Tom Brady was one of those players. The New England Patriots took a flier on him in 2000 in the sixth round at pick No. 199. The turnaround for Brady was nearly improbably but he is arguably the best NFL player of all time.

The Patriots picked Brady in the sixth round. (Photo by Roberto SCHMIDT / AFP) 

185. Los Angeles Chargers (from Jaguars via Titans)

186. New York Jets

187. Atlanta Falcons

188. New England Patriots (from Texans)

189. Philadelphia Eagles

190. Cincinnati Bengals

191. Philadelphia Eagles (from Panthers via Broncos)

192. Dallas Cowboys (from Lions)

193. New York Jets (from Panthers)

194. San Francisco 49ers

195. Houston Texans (from Cowboys via Patriots)

196. New York Giants

197. New England Patriots

198. Los Angeles Chargers

199. Minnesota Vikings

200. Las Vegas Raiders

201. New York Giants (from Cardinals)

202. Cincinnati Bengals (from Dolphins via Texans)

203. Houston Texans (from Washington via Raiders and Dolphins)

204. Carolina Panthers (from Bears)

205. Tennessee Titans

206. Indianapolis Colts

207. Kansas City Chiefs (from Steelers via Dolphins)

208. Chicago Bears (from Seahawks via Dolphins)

209. Los Angeles Rams

210. Baltimore Ravens

211. Cleveland Browns

212. Houston Texans (from Saints)

213. Buffalo Bills

214. Green Bay Packers

215. Tennessee Titans (from Chiefs)

216. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Buccaneers)

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers*

218. New Orleans Saints*

219. Denver Broncos (from Falcons)*

220. Green Bay Packers*

221. Chicago Bears*

222. Carolina Panthers*

223. Arizona Cardinals (from Vikings)*

224. Philadelphia Eagles*

225. Philadelphia Eagles*

226. New York Jets (from Panthers)*

227. Dallas Cowboys*

228. Chicago Bears*


Round 7

Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe was selected in the seventh round.

229. New Orleans Saints (from Jaguars)

230. Las Vegas Raiders (from 49ers via Jets)

231. Miami Dolphins (from Texans)

232. Tennessee Titans (from Falcons through Dolphins)

233. Houston Texans (from Bengals)

234. Philadelphia Eagles

235. Cincinnati Bengals (from Lions via Seahawks)

236. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)

237. Denver Broncos

238. Dallas Cowboys

239. Denver Broncos (from New York Giants)

240. Philadelphia Eagles (from 49ers)

241. Los Angeles Chargers

242. New England Patriots

243. Arizona Cardinals

244. Miami Dolphins (from Washington via Raiders)

245. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Dolphins)

246. Washington Football Team

247. Arizona Cardinals (from Bears via Raiders)

248. Indianapolis Colts

249. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Titans)

250. Seattle Seahawks

251. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Steelers)

252. Los Angeles Rams

253. Denver Broncos (from Browns)

254. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Ravens)

255. New Orleans Saints

256. Green Bay Packers

257. Cleveland Browns (from Bills)

258. Washington Football Team (from Dolphins via Chiefs)

259. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

*= Compensatory pick

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