Neighbours' 35th anniversary trailer reveals death horror and shock explosion

Neighbours has dropped a brand-new trailer for their upcoming week of late-night instalments to celebrate their 35th anniversary —which will commence on March 16 — and there is death and destruction aplenty as Finn Kelly’s (Rob Mills) villainous side resurfaces.

During the celebratory week, the regular 1:45pm and 5:30pm instalments will pay tribute to the serial drama’s legacy, and familiar faces from days gone by will return to Ramsay Street for the special occasion. However, in addition to the regular episodes, there will also be five stand-alone primetime episodes broadcast at 10pm — which are heavily previewed in this new trailer.

However, unbeknown to everyone, Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) turns to the dark side once more, and he’s hatched his ultimate deadly revenge plan that will result in severe consequences.

The trailer previews what’s to come, as Finn resorts to violence and hits an unknown resident over the head with a rock. Meanwhile, an explosion seemingly ensues at the wedding expo at Lassiter’s, as a host of former mainstays return — including Sky (Stephanie McIntosh) and Dylan (Damien Bodie).

The question remains: with chaos and devastation — not to mention 3 confirmed deaths — on the horizon, who won’t be making it out of the 35th anniversary celebrations alive?

Neighbours commences its unmissable 35th anniversary week on March 16 on Channel 5.

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