Nearly Every Contestant on 'The Bachelor' Has Worn This Exact Nail Color

There’s one thing that “The Bachelor” contestants all have in common this season, and I’m not just talking about Peter Weber. It seems as though every woman decided to paint their nails the same exact color. And I’ve come to the conclusion that this milky white shade is the official winner of “The Bachelor” season 24. 

Sure, there’s a “Women Tell All” and a finale episode still ahead, but from night one, these white nails have gotten my first-impression rose. I’ve seen the ladies don this look with their evening gowns, football uniforms, and telenovela costumes — regardless of what they’re wearing, their nails still pop. So much so that I’ve been keeping a mental record of all the girls whose white nails distract me (in the best way possible): Victoria F, Madison, Hannah Ann, Tammy, Kelley, (gasps for breath) Kelsey, Mykenna, Natasha, and Sydney. 

Is this the official nail color of “The Bachelor”?

Now, I’m no mind reader, but if all three finalists (and the entire top five) have all been nailing (haha get it?) this look throughout the season, I’m pretty certain that Pilot Pete has an affinity for this beauty trend. 

Let me lay down my very scientific thought process for you: Peter’s a pilot and loves to spend time in the sky. These nails look like clouds. Peter likes clouds. Peter likes women whose nails look like clouds. I truly do love to see a man with good taste. Bravo, Peter, and thank you. This decision of yours is the only one this season that hasn’t thoroughly confused me. 

Now back to the ladies. One thing about “The Bachelor” is every single one of the contestants seems to dress like they’re in different seasons. Genuinely, when Peter was narrowing down his top five, I couldn’t tell if it was summer, spring, or fall in Peru. I mean, Kelley was wearing all white while Hannah Ann was next to her in a leather jacket. I could go on and on about this forever, but I digress. 

Is this the official nail color of “The Bachelor”?

My point here is that, while these women might not know what season they’re in, their nails look great regardless. And that’s proof that you can wear white nails all year round. 

Another perk of white nails is that they go with any outfit without clashing. They’re the jeans of the nail polish world. They also are a great distraction for those around you if you’re crying! Last week, Madison and Peter were having a very important talk about morals, and Madi (poor gal) was wiping away her tears throughout. From my end, I felt for the girl, but didn’t even have time to notice whether she had a Kim Kardashian crying face because her nails kept popping up on screen and stealing my attention. Are white nails a life hack for emotional people? I think I’m onto something. 

Is this the official nail color of “The Bachelor”?

Do the women on the show know this? Do they get together and get the same color and laugh about how it might confuse Peter? Or chat about how it makes them look tanner? These are the questions I desperately need answers to. 

In conclusion, every single contestant — and even the lead of the show — are big fans of this nail color. True love was found on “The Bachelor” season 24, and it comes in the form of white nail polish. Shop this look below. 

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