Nationwide warns Brits over cash trapping scam at ATMs when taking cash out

It's almost Christmas which means things are going to get very expensive real quick.

With the festive period nearing, the last thing you want is to be scammed by fraudsters.

That's why Nationwide Building Society is warning Brits over cash trapping scams which are targeting people at ATMs.

In a video sent out to the public, the bank urged people to check machines before entering their card.

Anything that that feels suspicious should be reported immediately.

"Is the cash slit clear? If you can see anything in it or it's covered up don't use the ATM and call us to report it," the video says.

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It goes on to explain that if you don't see a flashing green or blue light when the ATM dispenses your money, you should report it.

If you're worried of falling victim to fraud, you should contact the bank immediately.

ATM cash trapping is one method used by cyber criminals to target machines.

Fraudsters insert a device inside the ATM which traps cash that is allotted by the cash dispenser to the customer.

It is often installed inside the ATM cash slot to trap money and it is known as glue-trap.

Once the customer walks away, the criminal approaches the machine, opens the cover and takes the money.

A spokesman said: "The type of incident highlighted in the video, although rare, can happen to ATMs anywhere at any time.

"Nationwide has a range of measures in place to try and combat these types of scams.

"It is important that people remain vigilant and check for any suspicious devices when using ATMs, especially those located outside."

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