National Offer Day 2020: What time will I find out if my child got secondary school place?

National Offer Day 2020 will see children and adults alike glued to the mailbox on Monday morning, as they await potential secondary school offers. Many parents have spent their entire lives focused on the date, which could define their children’s educational opportunities for years to come.

What time will secondary school offers come through?

Children can finally find out their next educational steps on Monday, March 2, this year.

The results either come via post or email and may result in different timings depending on the option.

Those who apply online will find their email comes on the morning of March 2, around 9am.


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People who apply via post may be in store for a longer wait, as some trusts will send letters out on March 2 to arrive later in the week.

According to Hackney Education and Schools trust, letters sent out on the day should arrive three days later on March 5.

Other trusts may have the letter arrive by March 2, but people should check with their local authority to see how they handle applications.

Once an offer has arrived, school headteachers will be informed of the child’s new place, and contact parents with further instructions.

Some schools may require parents to send back an acceptance form, in which case they may be given a specific time frame for returning applications.

Unsuccessful applicants will often remain on their first choice school’s waiting list until the end of the year.

Schools should automatically retain unsuccessful children on their waiting lists, but it is worth checking whether they have or not.

Families who choose to move or try private education could give awaiting children a second chance.

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However, parents also have a right to appeal if they so choose.

Local authorities handle appeals, which are famously difficult to win.

Popular and over-subscribed schools will see scores of eager parents clamouring for a place, with most appeals passed over.

Successful applications come on three possible grounds.

The first possible ground is based on law, as parents can appeal if they believe the school used unlawful admission arrangements, and that their child would have achieved entry via legal procedures.

Parents may also successfully appeal if they believe a mistake was made in the application.

Authorities may also award a successful appeal if they found schools unreasonably refused a place, taking admissions arrangements into account.

Appealing parents must inform the local authority of their decision to appeal in writing, and they will then get a date for the hearing at least 10 days beforehand.

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