NASA spacewalk live stream: How to watch week’s SECOND ISS spacewalk

Picking-up where they left off a few days ago, two NASA space station astronauts are scheduled to venture back outside the orbiting space station to continue the replacement of ageing batteries in the lab’s solar power system.

Space experts expect two more spacewalks later this month should complete the multi-year project.

The battery replacement work is the culmination of power upgrade spacewalks that began in January 2017


International Space Station commander, NASA’s Chris Cassidy and SpaceX Crew Dragon astronaut Robert Behnken plan to switch their spacesuits to battery power around 12.30pm BST (7.30am ET) to kick-off their second spacewalk in five days.

This will be the 229th in ISS history and the eighth overall for both astronauts.


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NASA spacewalk: How to watch the ISS mission live:

Although today’s space mission is taking place 250 miles (400km) over Earth, you can catch all the action from the comfort of your home.

NASA TV is providing live coverage of the event today, Wednesday, July 1.

The spacewalk itself is planned to begin at 12.30pm BST (7.30am ET).

The space station is equipped with four huge solar array wings, each one feeding electricity into two circuits, or power channels.

Each of the eight power channels originally included six nickel-hydrogen batteries — 48 in total — will provide electricity when the space laboratory is in orbital darkness.

However, the original batteries are wearing out, and US-based space agency NASA is in the process of replacing all 48 with 24 more powerful lithium-ion power packs and circuit-completing adapter plates.

These will take the place of batteries already removed but not replaced.

During spacewalks in 2017, 2019 and in January this year, 36 old batteries in three of the four sets of solar arrays were replaced.

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NASA astronauts Cassidy and Behnken are working to replace a final set in the ISS’s right-side outboard arrays.

Last Friday, the intrepid pair removed five of the six nickel-hydrogen batteries in one of the outboard power channels.

The duo installed two of three lithium-ion batteries and two of three adapter plates in their place.

During Wednesday’s work, they planned to finish power channel 1B and to loosen bolts securing batteries in power channel 3B.

Before calling it a day, the crew planned to route cables for a new wireless communications system and to remove a no-longer-needed fixture on the power truss.

Spacewalking astronauts have mirrors on each sleeve to get better views while working, since the spacesuit helmets limit the field of view. The mirror is just 5-by-3 inches (7-by-12cm), and according the Associated Press, together with its band has a mass of barely one-tenth of a pound (50 grams).

Cassidy inspected his spacesuit sleeve later while in sunlight but didn’t see any clues that might explain why the mirror came off. NASA said later that the lost item posed no risk to either the spacewalk or the ISS.

A fourth spacewalk is expected after that to finally finish the job.

A small mirror came loose from International Space Station Commander Chris Cassidy’s spacesuit at the start of a spacewalk on 26 June.

The mirror floated away right after Cassidy emerged from the ISS in orbital darkness to begin a six-hour EVA to upgrade power systems on the station’s exterior.

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