Mum’s simple cleaning hack clears mess from microwave in seconds

Finding it tricky to budge muck on your microwave?

Shifting food residue is less difficult than you may think.

On her popular cleaning page, @abiscleaningspace, a mum-of-two revealed the easiest way to have a clear out.

For her cleaning hack, Abi filled a mug with hot water and popped it into the microwave.

The cup then gives off steam, which works to lift stubborn grease.

Explaining the process to her 30,300 followers, the mum wrote: “Cup of hot water on for a minute or two to lift all the mess and steam away germs!”

After 60 seconds, Abi removed the mug from her microwave.

And as the steam had worked its magic, she was able to wipe away any grime without scrubbing for hours.

She wrote: “A quick wipe is all that’s needed now.”

Before and after snaps show how well the household tip worked.

While there were orangey marks in the microwave initially, they were completely gone in the second photo.

So will you be giving the trick a go?

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