Mum turns daughter's old bedroom into huge walk-in wardrobe

A creative mum-of-three has stunned people with her revamping skills as she turned her daughter’s bedroom into a huge walk-in wardrobe.

Jackie Brown found she had space in her house after her two daughters left home. So, having always wanted a big walk-in wardrobe, she decided to transform the spare bedroom.

Posting pictures in the Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’, which has over 214.3k members, the wardrobe is beautifully decorated in an on-trend grey colour scheme with little flashes of baby pink.

Jackie shared the revamped wardrobe with her youngest daughter.

Writing on Facebook, she said: ‘Had an empty spare room when our two eldest daughters moved out and always wanted a dressing room so now share this with my 21 year old daughter.’

With some savvy cost-saving tricks, she was able to complete the project on a small budget.

Jackie wrote: ‘All the furniture was second hand or upcycled, the flower mirror was an old mirror wardrobe door and the dressing table mirror was off another old wardrobe with attached lights,’ adding, ‘Only things we bought were the IKEA shelves and accessories.’

After installing furniture, the women got to decorating, adding pretty accessories like a pink rug, fairy lights and a velvet pouffe.

Open closets allow their clothes, bags and heels to be proudly shown off.

With a dressing table featuring Hollywood-style lighting, an entire corner dedicated to shoes and even a jewellery section, no detail has been spared in this stunning renovation.

Unspurisingy, members of the Facebook group were in awe at what Jackie and her daughter had achieved, writing: ‘That looks amazing and well done you for making use of perfectly good stuff rather than buying new.’

A spare room has never looked so glamorous.

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