Mum labelled ‘pure genius’ for sharing game-changing meal prep hack on Facebook

A mum has been hailed on Facebook after she shared details of a very “genius” meal prepping hack.

Posting on the Aldi Mum Facebook group, the woman revealed her trick which was making a week’s worth of uncooked toasties and freezing them in a bread bag.

She said: “Toasties are prepped and ready for the freezer for easy weekday brekkies! Works especially well when your workplace has a sandwich toaster.”

In the photo, it shows each sandwich individually wrapped and all she does is “grab one out of the freezer” while leaving for the day.

The mum continued on the Aldi Mum group: “It’s great in the sandwich press when I get to work 20 minutes later.”

And she even filled her sandwiches with a range of ham, cheese, red onion and chargrilled peppers.

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She added: “I don’t normally use tomato because I’m not a massive fan and I’m not sure how it goes defrosted.

“I also bought some of the caramelised onion in a jar that I’ll put on the next bath with ham and cheese.”

The woman wrapped each sandwich and then placed it in the bread bag before it’s all stored away in the freezer.

She continued: “I use baking paper to wrap them. It means they’re easy to grab and I just open it up when I get to work so my toastie doesn’t get messy from people before me who don’t clean the press after use.”

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Since she shared her idea on the Facebook group, hundreds of members rushed to comment on the “pure genius” hack.

One said: “Making a week’s worth of sandwiches and freezing them is like having a holiday mid term.”

Another commented: “This is pure genius wow!”

A third added: “Simple and effective, well done, good for all the family.”

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