Mrs Hinch fan discovers clever trick to get rid of mess after wax melt burner explodes

A Mrs Hinch fan was desperate for advice to clear up a mess after her wax melt burner suddenly exploded sending liquid wax all over her white television unit.

Many members of the 'Hinch Army' – the name fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch go by – have copied their idol by snapping up the popular burners to place around their home.

Mrs Hinch and her best pal Stacey Solomon often speak about their love for the mini wax scents which also come in different colours. They are similar to candles but the flame burns underneath to melt the wax.

Taking to the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, the woman named Lauren-Nicolle explained her unfortunate situation alongside pictures.

"Can anyone help, my burner just POPPED and now there is RED wax all over my MATTE WHITE tv unit and I’m worried it is going to stain," she said.

An image showed how the wax had covered her unit and after desperately asking for advice how to get rid of it without leaving any permanent marks and was inundated with tips on how to get rid of the mess.

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Other Mrs Hinch fans shared their own experiences: "I’ve dropped mine many times and I’ve always used a hairdryer on low heat then dap with wet cloth works a treat x"

The hairdryer tip was very popular: "Hairdryer to melt, wipe off and then if stained pink stuff works great on wax stains."

But some suggested an iron would be the best way to get rid without leaving marks: "Tea towel over wax then iron. Wax should stick to the tea towel."

"Put an old cloth over it. Some paper on top. Then warm your iron and run over the paper and cloth with it. The cloth will get the wax melted to it and the paper stops it getting on your iron," added another.

Others suggested waiting until it was completely cold: "Use a credit card to scrap off what you can and some water and washing up liquid to clean I up."

"Try scrape as much as possible off with a bank card, then use the pink stuff cream to clean the rest of it xx"

Lauren admitted she was overwhelmed with tips on the Facebook group, before editing her post to add that she had managed to solve her dilemma without using extra heat.

"I scraped it with a card. Coated it in The Pink Stuff. Scrubbed with a Scrub Mummy. Cleaned down with Flash Bicarbonate Soda Spray," she explained alongside images of the spotless unit.

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The incident worried others who asked if they should use theirs as Lauren explained: "It started to bubble and then literally went POP and wax flew everywhere!"

But others said it was down to the size of the candle Lauren had been burning, which was an 8-hour tealight: "It's got too hot. Just need a smaller candle/tealight, only 4 hour ones, and try to leave it to cool completely between burns."

Another agreed: "I used a large tea light in mine and i heard a loud pop so I went and looked at it and it’d cracked all my wax melter. As much as the longer burning tealights are great they can break your melters as I realised."

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