Morrisons launch afternoon tea delivery box for £15 to celebrate VE Day

This Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which is short for Victory in Europe Day. That means it has been 75 years since Nazi Germany surrendered and World War II came to an end.

Although we are in uncertain times and the world is at war once more, this time all people are united against the aggressor, coronavirus.

Before the pandemic began the government moved the May bank holiday from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 so as to coincide with the historic celebration, so why not celebrate it?

Even if we are all housebound there is still ways to mark the end of such a tragic and devastating period of history. One such way, has been orchestrated by supermarket Morrisons who have launched an afternoon tea delivery box.

The box, which costs just £15 including delivery, includes everything you need for a traditional afternoon tea, such as all butter sultana scones, clothes cream, strawberry jam, bakewell tarts, and chocolate fudge cake. It also includes egg mayonnaise sandwich filler, cheese and onion sandwich filler and bread.

Finally, because it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without it, the box includes 40 everyday tea bags, Cravendale semi skimmed milk and some champagne truffles.

All of the boxes will be delivered on Thursday in time for the bank holiday on Friday, but you better be quick as they are sure to fly off the shelves.

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This is not the only good thing to come out of Morrisons recently, the chain have also just cut the price of their beef substantially so you can now eat the succulent and juicy meat for a fraction of the price.

The best-loved supermarket are now charging just £3.52 for 8 ounces of fillet steak which is far less that the previous £7.04.

Additionally if rump steak is your preference then the same size will now cost just £1.70 and sirloin and ruby steaks will only set you back an affordable £2.25.

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They aim of this reduction in price is to reduce the "mountain of meat" that has emerged due to coronavirus outbreak as they say that price have not fallen this much since 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell.

Sadly for suppliers and farmers the demand for steak as well of seafood is in a state of collapse as customers are choosing cheaper cuts due to financial constraints and restaurants have closed.

Ken Clow, Meat Director at Morrisons said: “This is a once in generation opportunity to eat steak at these prices. During a tough period we hope families enjoy the treat of enjoying a top-quality steak with a price from the 1980s.”

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