Modeling agent Paola Zampolli burns valuable art to make NFT

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Artist Domingo Zapata has become a casualty of the NFT craze, Page Six is told.

Model-agent-turned-ambassador Paolo Zampolli threw a party at his new Washington D.C. mansion for “Mighty Ducks”-star-turned-cryptocurrency-guru Brock Pierce. And Pierce explained the NTF phenomenon to Zampolli — by setting fire to a work by Zapata.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are blockchain-based digital files that have been used to sell everything from blueprints for a house to recordings of farts.

“Brock brought up that he had just bought an NFT created by none other than Mick Jagger for $50,000,” said a spy, “When Paolo said he was an old school art collector and still didn’t understand the concept of NFT’s, Brock said, ‘Let me show you how its done.’”

We’re told Pierce perused the art on Zapata’s walls and he chose a piece that turned out to be by Zapata.

“Brock said to Paolo, ‘Can we burn this?’ Paolo was in total shock and said it was a very valuable piece of art,” said the party-goer.

“Since Paolo is friends with Domingo, he told Brock he better call him first to see if this is OK,” we’re told, “They called him together and Domingo loved the concept and told them to go for it!”

We’re told the pair put the piece in a large Champagne bucket an set it on fire in front of party guests.

Pierce is turning the video of painting pyre into an NFT and Zapata hopes to auction it off at the Kennedy Center — where ID Models founder Zampolli sits on the board — in June at a fundraiser to benefit endangered sharks.

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