Mike Tyson said that to be successful in life you have to sacrifice happiness, because there's so much competition in the world

  • To be successful you have to sacrifice, the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson said.
  • Tyson was speaking to the rap mogul Eminem on a recent episode of his podcast "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson."
  • "You almost have to give your happiness up to accomplish your goals," he told Eminem.
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Mike Tyson said you that have to sacrifice your happiness if you want to accomplish your goals in life because there's so much competition in the world.

Tyson spoke about goal-setting, ambition, and success on a recent episode of his "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" podcast with Eminem as a guest.

The rap mogul said to Tyson that "to be a fighter … it takes a special kind of person, a special kind of commitment."

Tyson said that fighting is about spirit and that if you wanted to do it, you could do it any age.

As for commitment, Tyson — the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, an actor, and an entrepreneur in the marijuana industry — said "everybody gets their turn" at the top providing they put in the work in the first place.

"Commitment is like … you almost have to give your happiness up to accomplish your goals," he told Eminem.

"In anything, you want to be the best garbage can collector in the world, best in the world at anything … there's going to be disappointment. There's a lot of competition.

"There's guys who will peak at a younger age than you and blow you away, then you have to deal with a guy who blows you away when he's old.

"Then there'll come a time when you're experienced enough you're blowing everybody away," he said. "Everybody gets their turn."

It is not the first time Tyson has spoken about what it takes to be successful.

In a previous edition of his podcast, he said: "Discipline is doing what you hate to do but doing it like you love it."

In an interview with Time five years ago, he said success is about "testing yourself and forcing yourself to the limits."

"If you know you love women, then deny yourself that. That's what success is about, in general — sacrifice. That's been my experience, whatever success I've had. Sacrifice.

"Unfortunately, sometimes you can't have fun accomplishing your goals. And some people don't have the determination, will, tenacity … to go through the slightest struggle."

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