Mike Tyson recalls meeting Sugar Ray Robinson as a kid and running 10 miles after being told to stay 'in shape' by great

MIKE TYSON has revealed a childhood conversation with boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson inspired him to always stay 'in shape'.

Robinson – real name Walker Smith Jr – is considered by many to be the greatest boxer of all time.

Even the self-proclaimed 'Greatest' in Muhammad Ali held Robinson in the highest regard.

The late Ali said of the six-time world champion: “That man was beautiful.

"Timing, speed, reflexes, rhythm, his body, everything was beautiful.

“I’d say I’m the greatest heavyweight of all time, but pound-for-pound, I still say Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest of all time.”

Like Ali, former undisputed heavyweight champion Tyson holds Robinson in the highest esteem.

And so great was Iron Mike's admiration of Robinson – who had a staggering 200 professional fights – he ran ten miles after meeting his idol.


During a recent episode of his Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson podcast, he recalled: "I met Sugar Ray Robinson.

"I kept walking in front of him and his bodyguard said, 'Chill out.' And I'm like, 'I'm not chilling out. What you do mean chill out?

"'It's a free country, I can walk [wherever I want].'

"So he started walking and saw that his body guard and me started having a little altercation and he said, 'Stop.'

"He came over, he was telling me, he said, 'You should run.

"'Make sure you're always in shape. I left the arena from the fight and I ran ten miles.

"I left the arena and I was just f**ked up about fighting. You were too, all of us were."

To this day, Tyson doesn't know how Robinson's words of wisdom had such a profound effect on him.

He later added: "Listen, I'm a lazy n***a. How'd that guy get me to do that?

"Do you know what I mean? Made me go and [run ten miles]."

Tyson is no stranger to eulogising the late Robinson, asking NBA star Damian Lillard earlier this year: “Have you ever watched Sugar Ray Robinson?

"Wasn’t he amazing?

“Listen right, Sugar Ray Robinson had 40 fights, he went 40-0. And then he lose one fight.

“After he lost that one fight, he went 80 fights undefeated. The record was like [128-1].”

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