Michael Jordan Had Deal with Grocery Store to Let Him Shop Alone After Hours, Former Teammate Says

To show his gratitude, Sellers said Jordan would "generously" tip the staff who worked after closing to accommodate him.

“He wasn’t making no $30 million a year; I’m sure at that time he was making less than a million,” Sellers said to the outlet. “But it was a lot of money at the time and he made sure that he took care of people.”

Sellers, who was 24 when he was drafted by the Bulls, said he saw many other examples of the influence Jordan possessed at the peak of his NBA playing days.

According to Sellers, Jordan would receive personal police escorts to games to guarantee he would arrive on time. Sellers caught onto this, and would even time his drive to the stadium to match Jordan's so he could take advantage of the escort.

“We would go out of our way to go by the freeway near his house because the troopers would turn on their lights when Michael got on and lead him along the shoulder,” Sellers said.

“I’d drive my Chevy Blazer right behind his Corvette on the shoulder," he added.

The Last Dance, a 10-part series that takes a deep dive into Jordan's career and the Bulls’ historic 1997-1998 season, will air its final four episodes over the next two Sundays on ESPN.

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