Michael Jackson’s Neverland Statues Up For Sale For $2.5 Million

There’s something very special for sale, but it can only be sold to a very particular type of buyer. This is a very unique collection of art – statues, to be exact – and they once belonged to none other than Michael Jackson himself.

The King of Pop was the owner of this incredible collection of statues at the Neverland Ranch, and the person who has them in their possession right now is selling them as a collection. Noble Art Lovers has confirmed that individual pieces are not for sale. The cost to own this sensational piece of history is a cool $2.5 million.

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Michael Jackson is a legend like no other. His iconic status as a worldwide musical sensation is one of such monumental proportions that it cannot be imitated or duplicated. He is simply one of a kind. His premature death rocked the nation as fans across the globe struggled to understand how someone they admired so greatly could be torn from the world at such a young age.

Now, a full 12 years after his death, one very lucky fan has the opportunity of a lifetime. Michael Jackson’s world and all his worldly possessions seemed so untouchable until now.

At this very moment, his prized collection of bronzed statues could be placed in the hands of an adoring fan… with a couple of ‘catches’ though. That fan will have to be an avid art collector that would appreciate the value of the items that are up for grabs, and they’ll have to have $2.5 million dollars to spare.

There are 28 treasured pieces of art for sale, each of them with their own very unique aesthetic appearance.

According to TMZ, the pieces include; “numerous statues of children, including “Kids and Tree Swing,” “Follow the Leader,” “Young Boy and Companion,” “Boy Playing Hand Bell,” “The Footballer” and more. There are also many historical statues — like “Marble Roman Bust” and “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” — along with Cupid statues, candelabra, a wooden ship, a Marilyn Monroe statue and a Minnie Mouse figurine.”

The collection is being sold by Nobel Art Lovers – a company based in Dubai. There’s not much known about them other than that, and the fact that there will be no discussions about this collection being broken up and sold as individual pieces. It’s a firm-no when it comes to dismantling the collection so the lucky art collector that makes this $2.5 million purchase is someone that will hopefully have lots of room, a great appreciation for really unique looking statues, and a true appreciation for the source that this came from… Michael Jackson himself.

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Sources: Nobel Art Lovers, TMZ


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