Michael Jackson children: When was Blanket Jackson born? Is he the youngest?

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Michael Jackson’s children have tried to pave their own way in the world since their father’s death. Paris Jackson, his daughter, is a model and singer with her boyfriend, while Prince Jackson has been following in his footsteps in attempting to heal the world with his new charity, Heal Los Angeles. Blanket is the far more mysterious of the Jackson siblings, so when was he born and is he the youngest?

Of the Jackson children, Blanket Jackson is indeed the youngest, aged just 18-years-old.

His siblings Prince and Paris are aged 23 and 22-years-old respectively.

He was born Prince Michael Jackson II on February 21, 2002, making him the youngest and seemingly meaning he shares a name with his older brother.

This is not the case, as Prince was born Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr, but took on the nickname Prince at a young age.

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Blanket became known as such when his father Michael held him over the railings of the balcony of a hotel room in Berlin, four stories above ground.

His nickname came from the fact his face was always covered when he was brought out in public, and in the hotel incident he was completely covered in the blanket at just a few months old.

This incident shocked fans, many of whom thought his actions were not appropriate, and became one of the best known of Michael’s later life, which the singer said was a ‘terrible mistake.’

After his father’s death, Blanket, along with his siblings, lived with their guardian, grandmother Katherine Jackson, though now he has flown the parental nest.

Since then, little has been known about the young man, who reportedly started to go by Bigi from 2015 when he was teased for his original nickname.

He bought his own home and recently moved into the house, which is reportedly worth a whopping $2.6million (£2.3million.)

Prince Jackson, Bigi’s older brother, has since opened up on what the teenager, who now goes by Bigi, is like now.

Speaking to This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Prince said of the relationship between his siblings: “We’re very close – that unconventional upbringing only tightened our bond as siblings.

“Siblings are tight no matter what but the way we grew up and interact with each other – there’s an unspoken bond.

“We can almost read each other’s body language and minds… my brother, every time I talk to him I’m impressed with how intelligent he is.

“The way he words his sentences… it’s always about working together and how we can collaborate and push each other up and make each other better.”

Clearly, Bigi is not only a huge talent but also a brainy child, which is seen in his YouTube series where he, with Prince and their cousin Taj, review movies.

Blanket was born to Michael through an anonymous surrogate, compared to his elder siblings who were born to Michael’s second wife, Debbie Rowe.

The Mirror claimed to have uncovered the name of Bigi’s surrogate, Helena, who was reportedly a Mexican nurse who was paid a £15,600 ($20,000) surrogacy fee.

A friend of Michael’s told The Mirror: “Michael wanted a designer baby. He had two wonderful children but wanted one more and was quite specific on the gene pool he wanted to tap into.

“He chose Helena because she had a Latino background but she was also a US citizen and had quite fair skin.

“He liked her because she was very attractive and seemed stable and intelligent. She was a nurse or medical assistant, which he also liked.”

The friend added there was no “drama” with Helena, who just “got on with it”.

The identity of Bigi’s mother is unknown.

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