MF DOOM's Streams See 870% Rise

MF DOOM‘s music catalog saw an 870% surge in streams after his wife announced his death on December 31, 2020.

According to reports, his music received 25.4 million streams between December 31 and January 5 — 870% higher than the 2.6 million streams between December 25 and December 30. DOOM also sold a total of 5,000 song downloads between December 31 and January 5, gaining 2,879% from December 25 and December 30. An additional 4,000 album sales were also made. The biggest day for all the streams and the sales were on January 1.

Although MF DOOM’s solo releases marked the largest amount of streams — 14.1 million listeners from December 31 to January 5 — his Madvillain duo with Madlib also hit 10.9 million streams during those five days. Madvillainy re-entered the Billboard 200 at No. 73, a new peak and its first appearance on the chart since 2014.

Meanwhile, the biggest song was DOOM and Mr. Fantastik’s MM… Food cut”Rapp Snitch Knishes,” which accumulated 1.5 million streams during December 31 to January 5. Following the 2004 track is “Accordian,” “Doomsday” featuring Pebbles the Invisible Girl and “All Caps” all with 1.4 million streams and “One Beer” with 1 million streams.

Dumile’s wife confirmed that he “transcended” on October 31 but did not reveal a cause of death. The legendary artist’s fans and friends have shared their tributes, revealed projects in the works and even “updates” on long-awaited albums.

In related news, MF DOOM’s birthday has been confirmed to be in July and not January.
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