Meghan McCain Lashes Out at Everyone 'Triggered' by Her Body and Talking About It

The former "View" co-host took to Twitter to speak out about "pundits and comedians with big platforms" spending too much "time and energy talking about it."

Meghan McCain hears you talking about her and she’s had just about enough of it. In particular, the former “View” co-host lashed out at “pundits and comedians” who are making it a point to talk about her body.

“Teenage girls are literally killing themselves over our toxic culture towards women bodies,” she tweeted as part of a larger statement about what she says she’s been experiencing in the public space.

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“It continues to be bizarre to me so many pundits and comedians with big platforms are so triggered by my body and spend so much time and energy talking about it,” she tweeted. “And it’s multiple people.”

Originally, a longer Twitter thread, according to People, McCain appears to have removed most of her commentary. Per the outlet, McCain originally elaborated a bit more on her own experiences with body shaming, and how it impacted her personally.

“I thank God I never ended up with an eating disorder or worse given the amount of bullshit I’ve experienced publicly since I was 20,” she’d originally noted before her comment about teenage girls, per the outlet.

She then followed the remaining line with, “I’m one of the lucky ones. But is there any thought of how it can impact impressionable young women and fans?”

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The talk show host elaborated even further, per People, adding, “There is a mental health crisis savaging teenage girls right now — and when you call me obese, or do ‘comedic’ sketches, think of what message it sends to them, not me.”

She further stated, according to the outlet, that she doesn’t let negative commentary about her body impact her, she has a daughter now to consider, as well, “and the poison so many of you put out about how women should look is A CRISIS killing American women, literally.”

McCain did not specifically make reference to any comedians or pundits who have talked about her body, but this also isn’t the first time she has spoken out about scrutiny she’s experienced about her body, in particular, and women endure daily in general.

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She even came out in support of Jonah Hill this past October, who spoke about the constant commentary his own body has received. His larger point was that for someone who has a problematic relationship with their body, even fan’s attempts to be positive at seeing him lose weight, as an example, can have a negative triggering effect.

Even without any further specifics as to what triggered this response from her today, McCain’s sentiment was met with widespread support online, even from those who made it a point to emphasize that they may disagree with her politically or ideologically. At least on this one thing, it would seem that most people can agree it’s inappropriate and needs to stop.

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