Maura Higgins unveils mystery man after fans thought Curtis was in her kitchen

Maura Higgins has cleared up any confusion after fans thought she and Curtis Pritchard were back together after she shared a video of a mystery man in her kitchen.

The 29-year-old, who recently split from her Love Island co-star Curtis, 24, took to her official Instagram stories to inform her 2.8million followers that the man was not Curtis.

It comes after Maura uploaded a video last night of a hunky man leaning in her fridge wearing nothing but his boxers and whilst his face was hidden, fans assumed it was her professional dancer ex-boyfriend.

In the snap, Maura zoomed in on the mystery man who was wearing a snug fitting pair of pink boxers and a gold bracelet.

Maura ignited rumours even further when she wrote over the snap, "Sundays" followed by a string of heart emojis.

Realising fans thought it was Curtis, Maura returned to her Instagram stories to share the man's identity.

Returning to standing staring into the fridge in his boxers, the man posed the exact same way as Maura giggled and commanded him to reveal himself.

She said: "Mystery man… reveal yourself."

Between laughter, her hunky hair stylist Jay Birmingham stepped out from behind the fridge door.

Grinning while pouring himself a glass off wine, Jay stepped towards the camera as he laughed with Maura.

At the time when Maura posted the first cryptic post, fans rushed to comment on who the mystery man was with many assuming it was Curtis.

One wrote: "Maura and Curtis are back together. Didn’t see that coming. That’s def his body and I’ve seen him wearing that bracelet before as well."

A second said: "Why is Curtis naked in Maura's kitchen lol."

One fan gasped: "That’s Curtis 100%. He always wears a Cartier bracelet just like that one! They’re back on!"

While a fourth joked: "She couldn’t have made it any more obvious to be fair. At least she’s getting some action during self isolation."

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