Mama Bear Piggybacks Tiny Cubs In Heartwarming Lake Tahoe Water Rescue

This mama bear deserves a medal for Mother’s Day.

Earlier this week, a mother bear in South Lake Tahoe, California, performed an impressive feat of motherhood as she swam three of her cubs to safety in the Tahoe Keys Marina. 

“The mother bear was determined to save all three of her cubs herself and ensure that they see tomorrow by continually swimming each one to safety!” the South Lake Tahoe Fire Fighters Association captioned footage of the impressive rescue mission on Facebook.

The association said it was called to the scene to aid a cub that had been separated, but the determined mother was ultimately able to coax the little one into the water and swim it across.

Video shows the mama bear piggybacking her cub as she swims and climbs onto the opposite shore.

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, the firefighters association said it felt like a good time to share the heartwarming story.


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