Lindsay Lohan ready for acting comeback on Netflix amid marriage rumours

After Netflix announced that they will be making upcoming Christmas rom-com starring Lindsay Lohan, it seems the relaunch of her career is coming at the best time for her as her life is going “amazing.”

A source close to the star spoke to The Sun about how she’s doing: “Lindsay's relationship with Bader (Shammas) is going strong. She has been with him for about two years now.

“They'll get married at some point. She is 34. It's just a matter of time.”

With the star currently living in Dubai, she’s expected to return to the States in the fall for the production of her upcoming Netflix film.

According to the logline, Lindsay will be playing a “newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress” who ends up getting amnesia after a skiing accident and ends up being cared for by “a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.”

“She is doing amazing and this return to acting is great for her. This will be a launching pad for her career,” the source continued.

With the production starting in November, fans wont be seeing the film this holiday season but as Netflix continues to build their slightly connected ‘Christmas Movie Universe’, there could be a chance she crosses over into the realm of The Princess Switch series starring Vanessa Hudgens or the A Christmas Prince trilogy with Rose McIver.

The movie will be Lindsay’s first major acting role since appearing in Among the Shadows in 2019.

With a smaller guest-role in the SYFY series Devil May Care, the star seems to be looking to make her big comeback after being one of the most famous child actors in the world.

In 2010 she began to withdraw from acting, moving to Europe and spending the last six years in Dubai.

Lindsay had a rough few years before pulling back from acting, having to go into rehab for a short stint and getting arrested in 2007 for a DUI.

The star went on to go in and out of rehab, serve time in jail and get into a shoplifting scandal that all hit the front page press.

Speaking on her past: "I think there’s a misconception that people still have about me, and I think it’s unfortunate. Hopefully, this will change people’s perception once and for all."

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