Lily James ditches bra as she transforms into Pamela Anderson on set of new show

Lily James has set pulses racing with the latest behind-the-scenes pics from the set of her new TV series.

The blonde beauty has transformed into the 90s Baywatch pin-up Pamela Anderson.

In the latest saucy snaps, Lily has ditched her bra and looks stunning in a baby blue skin-tight dress, leaving nothing to the imagination.

With her newly platinum blonde tresses piled high on her head, the star is also wearing a thin cardigan that does little to preserve her modesty, teamed with knee-high blue boots.

Flaunting her curves, the actress astounded fans with her transformation into Pamela Anderson when photos from the set first appeared last week.

Lily made her name playing more wholesome roles, such as starring in the live-action version of Cinderella.

It’s a world away from the racy wardrobe she is modelling for her role of Pammy.

The series is coming to TV channel Hulu, and starring alongside Lily is Marvel man Sebastian Stan, known for his role of Bucky, the Winter Soldier, and he looks very different too.

He’s been covered in fake tattoos to be transformed into Pamela Anderson’s former husband, rocker Tommy Lee.

Pamela and Tommy had a whirlwind romance that ended up being decidedly rocky – they got hitched after knowing each other for just 96 hours.

Pics were released from the show last week, showing Lily James dolled up as Pamela and fans couldn’t tell the difference between the two screen stars.

Lily and Sebastian recreated one iconic photo, with Lily tugging at Sebastian’s nipple piercing between her teeth as he looks shocked.

Not so girl-next-door now!

The show is set to be a six-part series, covering the story of Pam and Tommy’s love story, including the moment they discovered their sex tape had been leaked.

A former employee, Rand Gauthier, stole a safe that contained the hour-long tape.

Pammy and Tommy tried to block the tape from being released, but it was published on a website.

Seth Rogen is playing Rand in the show, and he also looks unrecognisable.

Producers apparently approached Pamela to help with the series, but she refused.

A friend close to Pamela Anderson alleged she’s unhappy with the show and has vowed never to watch it.

The friend of the Baywatch babe reportedly said: “Pamela has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never.

“She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy, and doesn’t care to know them.

“She and her family think the show is a cheap knockoff.”

Despite Lily’s smoking-hot transformation and these sizzling new snaps, the friend thinks she doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

“Pamela finds it amusing that this girl is getting so much attention for playing her.

“Lily isn’t a match for Pamela, doesn't even come close, nor does Sebastian Stan do justice to Tommy."

Fans disagree and have been praising the actors on their social media when the photos appeared.

It's a whole new look for the stunning star, and viewers will be in for a treat if the baby blue dress and knee-high boots are anything to go by.

Judging by these new photos, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lily over the series, and she’s sure to win a whole new army of fans.

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