Kris Jenner Takes Lie Detector, Talks Kim's Sex Tape, Kourtney's PDA and Marilyn's Dress

The "Kardashians" momager is also asked by James Corden if daughter Kylie, who is right there, cancels on family commitments too much.

Kris Jenner is one of the most savvy and respected business women in Hollywood. Her family has amassed a literal fortune and they reign over a reality television empire. But is she ready to face the truth?

Alongside daughter Kylie Jenner, the matriarch of “The Kardashians,” dropped by james Corden’s “Late Late Show” where they sat down together for an interview, and then Kris agreed to be strapped into a lie-detector machine to face tough questions from James and her daughter.

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These weren’t easy questions, either. Once the machine was calibrated, Kris was immediately asked if the KarJenners have any oversea tax shelters. For the record, Kris answered no to this one and got the thumbs up that she was speaking truthfully.

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She was even asked tough personal questions like which child was her favorite, whether or not boyfriend Corey Gamble is husband material and if she liked Kourtney’s wedding dress, and if she thought newlyweds Travis Barker and Kourtney went a little overboard with the PDA.

“Once in a while,” she replied, which proved to be the only lie she told. But it also wasn’t a yes or no answer. When James pushed her to be a little more specific, she said, “Once in a while it’s too much. You know, a little bit goes a long way.” After a beat, she added with a laugh, “I’m trying to say this as nice as possible. I really can’t go home now.”

She did give a straight answer when asked if she thought Kylie canceled on family commitments too much, and it was a three-letter answer. When james asked Kylie if she thought she canceled too much, she said no.

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She then noted that she was there for this taping despite spraining her knee last night, so that must say it all! We did kind of love Mama Kris dropping a casual, “I’m proud of you,” at Kylie saying she came even after her injury.

Kris was surprisingly candid and honest about all the hard-hitting questions. She answered truthfully about whether or not she had anything to do with the release of Kim’s sex tape and whether or not Kim ripped Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Ball.

Both of those answers were no, with Kris happily adding after her truthfulness was verified, “We’re clearing everything up today!”

But they definitely saved the toughest question for last. “Has Kendall learned how to cut a cucumber?” Check out the full video for that and all of Kris’ candid answers — and find out whether or not she can ever go home again.

Throughout the regular interview portion, it quickly became clear that there were many things they simply weren’t going to talk about because of the show, including Kylie’s aforementioned interview.

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When Kylie tried to detail the trick she was trying to learn while rollerblading, Kris quickly interjected that it was a secret. Later, while talking about Kylie’s son’s name — which is no longer Wolf — it was Kylie who was being unnecessarily coy.

We can get that she wasn’t ready to reveal the name, because they do have a brand to maintain, but she wouldn’t even admit whether or not they’d privately settled on one. Hilariously, while Kylie was dancing around the topic with James, Kris was behind her assuring him that they had privately selected a name. They just weren’t ready to share it.

With all that they couldn’t talk about, James convinced them to tell the story of a keychain that Kylie stole from a friend’s house when she was only seven years old. As it progressed, Kylie tried to get Kris to stop, saying she was “so ashamed.” But, as James pointed out, she was only seven.

As Kylie tried to will the story from not happening, Kris shared that she turned the theft into an even more elaborate lie, telling her mother at the time that “Papa Harry,” Kris’ father, gave it to her before he died and it was so special to her.

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