Khloe Kardashian Details Pregnancy Journey with Tristan, Concerns on KUWTK Premiere

Khloe and Tristan are trying for another baby, despite “not being together romantically.”

Khloe Kardashian continued to document her baby journey on Thursday’s Season 10 premiere of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” exploring her options for giving daughter True Thompson a sibling or two.

Near the top of the hour, she and Tristan Thompson agreed they would try for a second child together, with Tristan saying he was “all for” the idea. She, in a joint confessional, made it very clear that they wouldn’t be making the baby the old fashioned way.

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“Tristan and I are not together romantically, so we will not be conceiving the natural way, but he’s an incredible father, he loves his daughter and son so, so much and for the past year I have seen so much growth and so much change in Tristan that I’m so grateful for,” she said.

Tristan said he was excited and viewed the possibly pregnancy as another step for them “to get our family back together.” He said Khloe could have picked any donor to be the father and felt it was “great and amazing” she wanted to move ahead with him. “It’s perfect, I’m happy,” he added.

When she went to unthaw her eggs, however, none of them survived the process. That meant she had to start the egg retrieval process all over again, with her doctor suggesting Tristan give a donation of his own and make embryos instead. Before the retrieval surgery, she went on IVF, calling the situation “scary,” “stressful” and “hard.”

“The shots don’t really bug me … it’s the way I feel with all these hormones, like I’m plumped up with hormones and that part I can’t wait to be done with,” she said as she injected herself on camera. “My hormone injections really, really suck this time.”

How Khloe Kardashian's Plan for Baby #2 with Tristan Thompson Has Changed

After the egg retrieval process, Khloe opened up to Kim Kardashian about a warning she got from her doctor.

“She was a little concerned … she said I would be a high risk carrier for a pregnancy. I’m not gotta get into specifics on camera, but they said it’s an 80% chance I will miscarry,” Khloe revealed. “I almost miscarried with True in the beginning. But I didn’t know that was a lingering thing. This is all shocking to me.”

“All I’m trying to do is bring more love into my life, my family and I seem to be running into more and more roadblocks,” she added. “She said she would be afraid, if my embryos are so hard to create, she would feel terrible putting one in without warning me [of the potential complications].”

Kim told her she had “the best experience” with surrogacy, officially putting the idea on the table. “You know what giving birth feels like, I always say if you can do it, it’s an amazing experience,” said Kim, “but you’ll see the love you have for your kids is exactly the same.”

“I’m really grateful there are other options, but I loved being pregnant with True,” Khloe said in a confessional. “It’s such a beautiful experience to have. Knowing I might never get to feel like that again, it’s daunting, it’s scary, it’s stressful and it breaks my heart.”

She and Tristan were able to make three healthy embryos, 1 girl and 2 boys. It was Khloe’s plan to try for the girl first, to give True a sister close in age, before the boys. While she said she was “still not sure about the surrogacy part,” she acknowledged she had a little time to make a decision and was “just thrilled I have the potential to grow my family and have more love in my life.”

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