Kenya Moore Confronted on RHOA Reunion for Native American Costume

She and Porsha got into it after Williams said Moore always asks for forgiveness and understanding, but never gives it herself.

Kenya Moore’s controversial Halloween costume was one of the hot topics of the night during Part One of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion on Sunday.

During the first hour, host Andy Cohen noted that Bravo even had to issue an apology after Moore wore a look she referred to a “warrior princess”, but the network labeled “Native American.” On the show, she wore a feathered headdress and tan, fringe dress and was called out by some of her costars in their confessionals.

“I received a lot of vitriol and I remember defending myself saying it’s part of my heritage, so I didn’t understand all of the anger and where was it coming from,” Moore said during the reunion.

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When Cohen asked her to elaborate on her heritage claim, she said her family was from West Virginia and she has aunts “who have lived on reservations.”

She also said she spoke with the Indigenous group IllumiNative to get a better understanding as to why her look was so disrespectful.

“They explained to me why it was so upsetting to specific Native Americans. It’s offensive because it’s not supposed to be a costume. Customs are not costumes,” she explained. “I thought I was honoring something beautiful that was full of strength and it wasn’t because for them, even feathers, all of those things, are sacred to them. It’s spiritual to them.”

“They feel underrepresented, they feel made fun of and they don’t want people to not take them seriously,” she added. “When people wear costumes like that, it makes them feel like they’re being mocked.”

She went on to say the outfit was “such a bad mistake on my part,” adding that, “if I have this heritage, I should have known better.”

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While Porsha Williams was happy to see her owning up to her mistakes, she also called out Kenya for not extending the same grace to her costars — herself included — when they have similar controversies.

“I find it interesting that you always want the understanding, you always want the forgiveness immediately but you never extend it to anyone else,” she said. “When we started the season, I remember seeing the interview where you said, ‘She doesn’t know anything about the Underground Railroad.'”

Back in 2013, Williams expressed on the show that she thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train. She went on to apologize for her ignorance on “Watch What Happens Live” at the time and felt it was rude of Kenya to bring it up again years later.

“The same way you’re coming today — which I’m proud of you for educating yourself, because you recognize very ignorant, very hurtful to that culture — is the same way that I knew it was terribly irresponsible for me to have done that,” said Williams. “Yet, here we are years later and you’re using the Underground Railroad to shame me and what I’m doing for Black Lives Matter.”

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Kenya said she was in no way shaming Porsha’s BLM activism with the comments and then shifted the conversation to point out how Porsha’s sister and Drew Sidora also once donned similar Native American outfits in the past.

“If it was me who would have come on the show with that on, you would be sitting here using it as a way to roast me right now,” Williams replied. “When someone turns and decides to be better, let them be better!”

As the crosstalk continued, Andy eventually broke it up and went to a commercial.

The “RHOA” reunion continues next Sunday on Bravo.

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