Keep your vacuum cleaner on track with expert tips to prolong its life

VACUUM cleaners can suck up your cash if you do not look after them.

It is the one appliance I often experience problems with or have to replace.

I spoke to Tori Miller, floorcare expert at, for her tips on keeping your vac on track.

PAY ATTENTION: Tori says: “We’re all guilty of sucking up the odd 2p. But regularly vacuuming up small stones, coins, wet food and heavier bits of rubbish can damage the inside of the cleaner while it is whizzing around.

“If you do accidentally vacuum these up, empty the dust container after use.”

EMPTY IT: Tori says: “Empty the dust canister or bag at least once a month to eliminate dodgy smells and to keep your vacuum collecting all the dirt.

"Check for any bits of dirt lodged in the nozzle, as this will affect suction and cause blockages and bad smells.”

CHOP OUT THE HAIR: Tori says: “Cut away hair and loose threads off the brush roll weekly.

“Some vacuum cleaners have a groove on the brush roll to guide scissors and cut the hair off safely to avoid chopping the bristles off. Do this regularly for more effective suction.”

RINSE AND REPEAT: Tori says: “Check your manual to see if the brush roll and filters can be removed. If so, wash under warm water and leave for at least 24 hours to dry.

"This will help make sure they are catching the dirt properly and not dropping more than they are picking up.”

GET ATTACHED: Tori says: “Use your attachments for what they are designed to do, whether that’s upholstery attachments or small crevice tools for corners or hard- to-reach places.

"This stops damage to the vacuum trying to lift it around or squeeze in tight spaces. Also store your attachments properly. You don’t want it gathering dust, or worse, the dog chewing it.”

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