Kate signals she is ‘woman on a mission’ with ‘power and influence’ as royal role expands

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Kate Middleton’s role within the Royal Family is growing and expanding as she prepares for the role of Queen, likely to be hers one day. Yesterday she proved this as she undertook an important royal trip without her husband.

The Duchess of Cambridge has used much of her career to support and promote the cause for better mental health.

Yesterday she travelled to the Midlands to carry on her work in this area.

Ahead of Wold Mental Health Day, which takes place this Saturday, she visited the town to hear about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected university life.

Kensington Palace tweeted: “The Duchess of Cambridge spoke with

@DerbyUni first-year students, sports societies and nursing students about the ways in which the University is supporting their wellbeing, including @StudentMindsOrg’s Student Space, a new resource created to support students.”

What did a body language expert make of Kate’s performance during her outing?

Judi James told Express.co.uk that the Duchess demonstrated she has the “power and influence to help create change”.

She also wore a potent “reminder that she is a mother.”

Judi said: “Dressed in smart, chic but un-fussy casuals, Kate strode into the university like a woman on a mission, oozing confidence with her bag-free hands hanging by her sides.

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“Her arrival reflected her tone of concern for the mental health of the students there and throughout her visit that overall tone looked enquiring as well as encouraging and uplifting.”

With their power to invoke change due to their influence, in the UK and internationally, Kate took her mission seriously, speaking intently with students and experts.

Judi said: “The theme of her visit did require active listening signals to create empathy as well as looking like someone who is there to learn and to discover how to make a difference, rather than posing like a royal on a more formal appearance.

“Kate’s look here seemed to define her as a working royal in every sense of the word and, thanks to her eye contact, nodding, and her skill of postural and gestural echo as she heard everyone’s stories she really did manage to look like someone with the power and influence to help create change.”

She went on: “Even the way her necklace with her three children’s names on discs was worn for maximum interest emphasized levels of empathy by acting as a reminder that she is a mother herself and looking towards her own children’s future experiences at university in several years time.

“When she stood to talk her splayed feet registered confidence while her head-tilt suggested concern.”

“Rather than being held in her usual, more submissive-looking clasp on or just below her stomach, her hands were held higher for a more assertive look, with one hand holding the thumb of the other,” Judi went on.

“Or her hand clasp was placed near her knees when she was sitting and leaning forward to listen.”

For the visit Kate Middleton wore a £249 coat and necklace with message to her children in Derby today.

She wore a check coat by Massimo Dutti, which costs £249. The coat is the handcrafted checked wool coat in beige.

The Duchess aded a light blue jumper beneath to highlight the blue tones in the coat.

She appeared to opt for jeans and a black leather and gold belt.

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