Kate Middleton’s ‘shared past’ with William makes their marriage ‘based on mutual respect’

Kate Middleton and Prince William give thanks to key workers

Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, met one another in 2011 while they were students in residence at St Salvator’s Hall at the University of St Andrews. An expert has shared an insight into what their marriage could be like and if they are suited to one another.

William proposed to Kate in 2010 while on a trip to Kenya.

He got on one knee at Lewa Safari Camp where William makes his frequent visits to.

Since marrying a year later in Westminster Abbey, the couple has had three children.

Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, are regularly seen out with their parents.

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, an expert has shared how their shared past makes the pair compatible.

Karen Mooney is the founder and MD of Sara Eden Introductions and explained that the couple is a match made in heaven.

She said: “I would definitely have matched William and Kate – I firmly believe their marriage is a marriage made in heaven.

“Having met at the University of St. Andrews theirs is a marriage based on mutual respect and love.

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“They have a shared past as well, they met at university of St. Andrews so they’ve got similar friends, they did the whole university experience together and so I think that’s really good because they can talk about things they remembered when they were five or ten because they’re the same age, they can remember the same songs in the charts and things like that.”

The expert added that when out in public together, they can be seen having fun.

Karen said: “Some of the photographs and media coverage, they’re having fun, they’re touching in public, holding hands.”

While public displays of affection aren’t common for members of the Royal Family, William can regularly be seen putting his arm around Kate.

The expert added: “They have fun together, you look at the body language when you see them on the television, they smile a lot together and it’s important to laugh with somebody and not at somebody…they have fun…they’re the same age, they met at university, it’s a true love marriage and I think they make fantastic parents as well.

“When they split in 2007 – she kept her mouth firmly closed about their relationship…which I think was incredibly admirable. [It] obviously gave William a lot of reassurance to know that she was somebody you could trust and not somebody who would go out to the press.”

William is also the second in line to the throne, which means one day he will become King.

Karen shared Kate has brought “stability” into William’s life.

She said: “I just think they’re going to be a fantastic asset to our lovely country in the future because they have this happy love marriage which hasn’t necessarily been in the past, it’s a love marriage and they’ve got three fantastic children and I think she’s brought to him a stability and what real family life is for a family and I think he’s enjoyed that and that is important.”

While Kate and William keep their children’s lives private, the family of five will regularly be seen out together.

Their most recent appearance was where they attended a special pantomime performance in London a couple of weeks ago.

The royal couple took their children’s hands as they walked the red carpet.

“They’ve grown and sort of morphed into this fantastic marriage and you can just tell by looking at them that they are happy. They always look at each other as well, there’s lots of body contact as well so you can read in from that, that they’re happy to be with each other’s company and they’re a fantastic match,” Karen explained.”

The expert added that their marriage is stronger than ever and they have taken on a lot more responsibility recently.

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