Kate Ferdinand traumatised by C-section birth that left her unable to walk

New mum Kate Ferdinand has explained that she was left unable to walk for six weeks following a "traumatic" caesarean.

The 29-year-old on-screen star, who is married to football ace Rio Ferdinand, gave birth to their first child baby Cree in December last year.

Kate has always been honest and open about her post-pregnancy struggles after she'd experienced a number of complexities during Cree's arrival.

As the reality star had to undergo a C-section, getting back into a normal fitness regime was far from Kate's mind initially.

She said: "I had an emergency C-section, that's like major stomach surgery, so you really have to ease yourself back in and listen to what the doctor said.

"I don't think I could train for six weeks, I didn't even really walk for six weeks I don't think, and then I've been gradually building it up slowly."

Speaking to the Mirror, Kate explained that she wasn't planning on racing back to training either after she'd been left "traumatised" by the operation.

Instead, she told the publication that she'll be taking it easy and "listening to her body", until she feel ready to get stuck into exercise again.

Kate has a hugely busy household to run having become a doting step-mum to Rio's brood which includes 14-year-old Lorenz, 12-year-old Tate, and 10-year-old Tia.

With such a weight on her shoulders to be strong for her family and newborn, her anxiety began to take over.

She added: "I did really struggle. I think I was a bit traumatised because I wasn't expecting the C-section and I struggled with the fact I couldn't do things with Cree and the big kids and it was Christmas.

"I do suffer with anxiety and my anxiety was at an all-time high in those times."

Additionally, Kate explained that lockdown didn't help matters either as she was left so "sore" that she couldn't even manage to leave the bedroom and was unable to have visitors to support her.

In spite of the C-section setbacks and feeling "overwhelmed" by her postpartum figure, she recently detailed to The Sun that she certainly won't be putting any "pressure" on herself to "bounce back" to her pre-baby body.

Good for you Kate, although we think she looks fabulous anyway.

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