Jordan Peele Reportedly Casts Keke Palmer for Starring Role in New Film

Keke Palmer is reportedly set to take on the leading role of Jordan Peele‘s new film.

Although there is still no information on the title, plot, or character details, sources reveal that Peele will direct, write and co-produce the upcoming movie. This marks the second time Palmer and Peele will be working together, following an appearance the actress made as Malia Obama’s anger translator in an episode of Key and Peele. The film is part of Monkeypaw Productions and Universal Pictures’ exclusive five-year deal.

Further reports claim that Get Out alum Daniel Kaluuya is currently “in negotiations” to star alongside Palmer, but confirmation from Kaluuya is yet to be announced.

Peele is set to release at least three more films, including Wendell and Wild which he starred in, produced and wrote, the highly-anticipated Candyman remake which he wrote and produced and, finally, the animated horror film Abruptio, where he lent his voice to the character of Danny.

Jordan Peele’s upcoming film is set to release July 22, 2022. Stay tuned for more info.

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