JLM Couture posts response to designer Hailey Paige — then deletes it

Well, that didn’t go well.

The company that’s locked in an ugly legal battle with bridal wear designer and “Say Yes to the Dress” star Hayley Paige attempted to defend itself Wednesday against her allegations that it “[violated her] good faith” and tried to take her personal Instagram account and even her “birth name” away from her.

After Paige posted a tearful video on Instagram detailing her alleged mistreatment at the hands of bridal conglomerate JLM Couture, the company posted its own statement on Instagram — but the firm was forced to take it down after her fans poured scorn on it.

Since early in her decade-long career, Paige has had a deal with JLM that allows the company to produce and sell her line of bridal wear, alongside several other designers under its umbrella. Paige says that about 18 months ago she began trying to renegotiate her deal with the brand, but the talks went sour — leading Paige to threaten to stop JLM using her powerful social media platforms to market the goods. JLM responded by getting a judge to grant a court order that effectively hands control of her social media over to the firm.

Paige posted her emotional video, resigning from the company, saying that JLM was trying to “prevent [her] from using [her] own birth name in any business whatsoever indefinitely” and suggesting that the company had exploited her by allowing her to sign her original contract when she was 25 — even though it hadn’t been reviewed by a lawyer representing her.

In response, JLM posted a message on @misshayleypaige — which is Paige’s “personal” Instagram account — saying it was “shocked and heartbroken” to see her video.

But it denied her claim that she’s been booted from her Instram account — which has around a million followers — plus her TikTok and Pinterest pages, saying Paige has access to her social media account and that JLM would “welcome Hayley to contribute content that is supportive of the Hayley Paige brands.”

It also appealed to Paige to handle the matter in private and asked the fans to respect the company’s “privacy.”

But the message didn’t appear to have the desired response from Paige’s fans.

“You posted on the wrong accounts LMAO,” wrote one, while another said: “‘Has access’ and ‘contribute’ to her own, personal account? What a joke.”

“When negotiations broke down and she revealed the ugly truth you ask for privacy?,” said another, “Sorry, but no, bullies aren’t rewarded. Own your selfish mistakes and #givehayleypaigehernameback Otherwise #boycottjlmcouture.”

The note was swiftly deleted and re-posted on the JLM’s own company account.

In the note, JLM also denied Paige’s claims that she had signed her deal at 25 without a lawyer, saying that it is “documented that Hayley had a lawyer help her review her employment contract” and that “there were multiple rounds of negotiations between Hayley and JLM until both parties settled on an agreement each felt was fair and mutually beneficial.”

But a source close to the designer told Page Six: “Hayley is restrained from making any posts, editing or removing anything without the express permission, not just of JLM, but of [CEO] Joseph Murphy. She can look, but she cannot touch, and JLM’s claim is so deceptive as to be false. That language is right from the restraining order.”

And court documents seen by Page Six says that Paige is banned from “making any changes to any of the JLM HP Social Media accounts, included but not limited to changing the name of the handles on the accounts, posting any new content thereto and/or deleting or altering any content located therein, from tagging any other posts, users or accounts, transferring any such accounts from Defendant to any other person except to JLM, or communicating with third parties through same for commercial purposes, without the express written permission of Plaintiff’s chief executive officer.”

Paige had no comment.

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