Jane Garvey calls Arctic Roll a 'low-level pudding'

Just desserts! Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey apologises for calling Arctic roll a ‘low-level pudding’ after being brabded ‘snobby’

  • Jane Garvey, 55, called Arctic Rolls a ‘low-level pudding’ on BBC’s Woman’s Hour 
  • British radio presenter made the comment in a discussion with Jayde Adam
  • Listeners slammed Jane for the comments and labelled her a snob 

Jane Garvey was called a snob and forced to apologise before the end of BBC Woman’s Hour, after angering listeners by calling Arctic roll a ‘low-level pudding’. 

The Merseyside-born presenter, 55, sparked fury with her comments made while talking to comic Jayde Adams, who had revealed that when she would impersonate singer Adele she used to changed the chorus of Skyfall to ‘Trifle, crumble and Arctic Roll’.

‘Anything with Arctic roll is funny. It’s a real.. and I don’t mean to be offensive.. but it’s a low-level pudding,’ responded Jane.     

Jane Garvey has been blasted for calling Arctic roll a ‘low-level pudding’, during a discussion with Jayde Adams on BBC Woman’s Hour (file image)

She continued: ‘When we had it at home I was always very disgruntled by it.’

As the show progressed, Jane revealed to Jayde Adams that listeners were sending her pictures of Artic Rolls, describing it as ‘in its own way very nice’.

Many people were unimpressed with her views of the traditional British pudding, which consists of vanilla ice-cream that has been wrapped in a thin sponge cake with jam.

‘I can’t believe how presumptuous and snobby your presenter sounded’, said one listener. 

Seemingly embarrassed, Jane attempted to take back her comments before ending the programme. 

Jane (pictured) was forced to apologise for her comments before the end of the programme, as listeners labelled her a snob

She said: ‘Brief mention in apology corner to the regular purchasers and people who enjoy Arctic Roll. 

‘To be honest with you, I don’t like Arctic Roll but I’m certainly not snobby about it. I do apologise if you are a big, big fan of Arctic Roll.’

Listeners tweeted BBC Woman’s Hour sharing memories and recipes for the dessert. 

One person wrote: ‘Myself and my three sister all looked forward to Arctic Roll’ 

Another added: ‘@JaneGarvey cook the perfect arctic roll, it has to happen. Mary will have a recipe’ 

Disgruntled listeners took to Twitter, advising Jane Garvey to try making the traditional pudding for herself 

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