Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley contract info revealed with UFC ace set for 'multi-million dollar payday' and rematch clause

TYRON WOODLEY will make 'millions' before he even steps into the ring to fight Jake Paul, his manager has confirmed.

Malki Kawa has revealed how the deal for the ex-UFC star to face the YouTuber was struck.

Describing Woodley as the 'perfect opponent', the First Round Management CEO stated that a rematch clause could see the pair go toe-to-toe twice.

First up will be a boxing contest on August 28 which will see Paul take a bigger slice of the pie while not leaving his opponent out of pocket.

Kawa told MMAFighting: "[Woodley]’s getting paid really well. It’s one of the best deals I’ve ever done.

"For a guy in his situation, it was a tremendous deal. He’s getting a large base number. He’s getting a cut of the pay-per-view globally.

"He’s participating in a lot of different things. He should walk away with a multi-million dollar payday.

"His base guarantee is in the millions already. Add on all the extra stuff, it’s a really nice payday.

"We just got to a point where we felt comfortable with it and Jake is probably making the lion’s share of the money, which he is, but nonetheless Tyron, this is a real good day for him."

Woodley, 39, won the UFC welterweight belt in 2016 but lost his last four Octagon fights.


While Paul, 24, is 3-0 after successfully downing former MMA fighter Ben Askren in April.

Despite the YouTuber's fledgling career, Kawa outlined the impressive financial muscle that enticed his client into a boxing debut.

He noted: "[Woodley] definitely got paid in his base guarantee more than he ever did in the UFC, whether as a champion or non-champion, that’s a fact.

"Jake Paul’s team negotiated an automatic rematch clause.

"That’s how much this is a scary fight to them. If we win this fight, if Jake Paul wants it, then we have to run it back with him."

Fans may be torn on Paul's legitimacy as a professional boxer but many will be intrigued to see how he fares in this latest step up.

We're gonna break some records, and I’m going to break a motherf****** jaw.

Upon the fight's announcement, Woodley vowed to leave a significant dent on the American's boxing ambitions.

He stated: "We're gonna break some records, and I’m going to break a motherf****** jaw while I’m at it.

"Get ready to make motherf****** history. Breaking records."

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