I've fallen for my colleague, but it's me versus her new guy

DEAR DEIDRE: I felt sick when I heard my colleague was dating someone new. It made me realise how much I wanted to be with her.

We began hanging out even though I have a girlfriend which led to problems in my relationship.

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I’m 32 and my girlfriend’s 31.

The girl at work wanted us to be together, but I dithered because my girlfriend and I have a little boy.

While I was working out what to do my workmate, who’s 28, met someone else. It hurt so much and I realised I was ready to make the break.

I’ve now split up with my girlfriend and am putting everything into getting together with my colleague. I want to show her I’ll treat her like a queen.

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But unfortunately this new guy is trying to do the same. 

We are vying for her attention; I want her to pick me over him, but she’s confused about everything.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are falling for this girl but hanging on and hoping she will choose you is a powerless position to be in.

Pick a moment to talk to her again and ask her outright. Knowing where you stand has to be better than this state of anxious limbo, so don’t let this drag on.

If the other guy means more to her than you, then best walk away. Be cool and civil with her when your paths cross at work.

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