ISS livestream shows ‘invisible’ rectangular UFO ‘hiding in clouds’ above Earth

A self-proclaimed UFO "expert" has spotted a mysterious object "hiding" in the clouds during a livestream footage taken from the International Space Station.

Scott C Waring, who is known for making outlandish claims, saw the rectangle-shaped flying object staying stationary among the clouds.

Sharing his insights to fans on YouTube, he claimed the footage was taken on Thursday, April 15.

He takes a screenshot of the craft and says: "When I was looking at it, in the background in the clouds above Earth, there was a rectangle craft glowing.

"It's glowing because of the sunset itself. Look at this line going over here, this craft shot around and then shot in here, just stopped.

"You don't see it moving, it's only in the orbit, in the clouds, hiding in the clouds."

When he replays the footage, he explains that this is not his first time he learned about rectangle spaceship.

"We've heard about rectangle spaceships all the time, we heard about a giant 100-metre rectangle UFO that travelled over Texas and and headed straight to a bush ranch for some mysterious reason," he claims.

Scott said UFOs exist in different sizes and shapes but this one is "lit up" because of sunsets.

He adds: "It was invisible but I told you before, if you want to see a UFO, catch one during sunset."

Viewers were amazed by Scott's finding and some bizarrely suggested that there were a black rectangle craft above.

One wrote: "Did you not see the big black rectangle above it? Twice the size."

Another commented that he had seen one rectangle UFO in November 2008.

But a viewer was dubious about the arc-shaped trail next to the craft, saying: "Alien craft don't leave contrails."

And Scott rebutted: "Yes they do…have you not seen my post about the UFO recorded by the Chile Navy and it leave a short contrail."

It came after UFO watchers spotted a "400ft triangular UFO" hurtling past SpaceX's Dragon capsule in space.

The mysterious object was said to have some "circles on the corner".

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