iOS 16 released tomorrow but your iPhone may miss out on new features

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There’s a massive update coming to millions of iPhones tomorrow with Apple confirming that iOS 16 will be released to devices across the world. This all-new operating system brings some of the biggest changes in years with users being treated to a new Lock Screen, improved messaging and more comprehensive health functionality. You can find out about all these updates below but before you can download iOS 16 you need to make sure your device is compatible.

For the first time in years, Apple is removing some older iPhones from the yearly updates with a total of five devices not getting access to iOS 16. This is probably due to the demands of iOS 16 being too great for the older processors that power these devices.

Sadly, if you own an original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, ‌iPhone‌ 6s Plus, iPhone‌ 7 or iPhone‌ 7 Plus then you’re out of luck and need to switch to something more recent to get the latest changes.

Anyone with a more recent device tucked inside their pockets should make sure their phone is fully charged and they are near Wi-Fi at around 6pm BST. That’s usually the time when Apple releases its iOS upgrades and we’re not expecting 2022 to be any different.

To check to see if your device is ready to switch to iOS 16 simply head to Settings > General > Software Updates.

Apple’s major iOS downloads tend to be huge files so be prepared for a short wait before the installation process is complete.

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Once things are all upgraded here are some of the features that will be available from tomorrow evening.


The main change coming this year is a fully refreshed look to the Lock Screen. Apple has totally revamped things to make it more customisable with users able to tweak the colours, fonts and styles. There’s also the ability to easily add widgets to the Lock Screen so you can check the local weather or see the latest football scores without ever unlocking the device.

Of course, most of us have a family photo as our wallpaper but to make things more interesting Apple has added the option to automatically shuffle favourite snaps from the library on the device so you’ll get a different look in the evening compared to when you wake up.

It’s not just about the Lock Screen though with Apple also bringing improved messaging to iOS 16 with users now able to edit texts after they’ve been sent.

That means any embarrassing typos can be quickly changed with users getting 15 minutes to make any edits.

Along with full editing, there will also be the option to undo a sent message and recall it completely.

The Fitness app has also been updated and can now be used even if you don’t own an Apple Watch with the iPhone’s motion sensors, estimating steps, distance and calories burned.

Another useful health benefit coming to phones is the ability to track medication. With iOS 16 you can add all of the tablets you take to the Health app with reminders then popping up when they are due to be taken.

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