I'm sharing photos of my angel baby to warn other parents after we lost her in the most horrific way

A HEARTBROKEN mum is sharing photos of her little girl to warn other parents, after she tragically died.

Lilly Harr accidentally hanged herself while playing with a fan cord when she was two years old.

Her mum, Journy, wants parents to know the risks of leaving cables in easy reach around the home.

She and her husband Randell, 37, had settled their kids for the night in September 2020.

They then heard a scream from their oldest son, 5, from the top of the stairs.

Randell raced to see what was wrong, as all the kids were sharing a room during redecorations.

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He yelled out to call for help, before Journy ran upstairs to see little Lilly being pulled from the cord.

Her son explained she had been playing with it and wrapped it around her neck before tripping over.

Journy, from Missouri, US, said: "Our five-year-old son said she got the cord and made a wrapping motion around her neck, then took a step, fell and hung herself.

"He said that it happened, he called for help and daddy came. It was so fast – I can't stress that enough.

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"I never saw it. By the time I raced upstairs he had already gotten her down but the fan was in her window.

"She wasn't breathing at this point. She wasn't responsive at all."

Journy had already been concerned when they decided to fit the window fan in Lilly's room – but admits she was worried about it being pushed out and the kids falling through the window.

She had never imagined it could be possible for her toddler to become entangled in the cord, which hung down to plug into an outlet under the window.

On the way to the hospital, Journy received the devastating call that their daughter had passed away.

She said: "Randy called me when I was about half way there and I could tell by his voice that something was different. He sounded calm.

"I asked him what was happening and he told me 'she didn't make it, baby'.

"It didn't hit until after I got to the hospital and I saw her. She was all wrapped up in the blanket and she had a tube in her mouth.

"Randy was holding her and she was so cold. It was when I got her in my arms that it hit me because I was holding her and she wasn't there."

Journy is urging people to make sure cords and cables in their homes are secured.

She said: "My message to parents is to watch out for cords – even cords that you don't think are strong enough for something like that.

"The pathologist told us it takes an incredibly small amount of pressure for something like that to happen to that small of a child.

"If anything has a cord, make sure it's secured – not just hidden. Kids are smart and fast.

"They've got those cord secure things you can get online or at various department stores that secure the cord to the wall.

"We actually use pool noodles now. You slit one side open, stuff the cord in it and duct tape it closed. It makes it so they can't wrap it around anything tightly."

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