Illust Space Announces Auction for MF DOOM Augmented Reality Artwork

Prior to his passing, MF DOOM collaborated with online auction platform Illust Space to create his first collection of digital art. These collaborative works take the form of augmented reality pieces shaped like the creative masks that MF DOOM was known for wearing. Powered by blockchain or NFTs, these decentralized works of art are also the only signed models from MF DOOM that currently exist in the market. Now, Illust Space is offering fans the opportunity to own these pieces.

Unlike other NFT platforms, Illust Space allows collectors and artists to display their art in the real world by using geoplacement and web AR. For the masks created with MF DOOM, owners can bring the masks into the physical through augmented reality or “wear” the mask by using the face tracking library on the Illust Space platform. The auction will include a special piece entitled Black Sludge that was minted in Daniel Dumile’s wallet, which is currently in the custody of his wife Jasmine. Similar to how a rare coin contains imperfect flaws that increases its desirability, Black Sludge contains 3D blemishes when the first set of NFT models were being set up in AR. The Illust Space team has shared that some of the data relating to textures were lost, which led to a unique final product.

After a successful auction in October with signed MF DOOM masks, Illust Space is organizing this auction for the last “signed” MF DOOM mask, which was created before his passing. Other collectors will be reselling masks they purchased from the first auction. Since the assets in this auction are powered by NFTs, all artworks will have royalties baked into them. These royalties are currently in possession of MF DOOM’s family. In this marketplace, any mask owners who are selling previously purchased pieces will be donating a portion of revenues to the family on top of the included royalty and Illust Space will also be waiving a significant portion of its platform fees.

The upcoming auction with MF DOOM on Illust Space will begin on March 11 at 4PM PST and will run for 30 hours. Head over to Illust Space’s website to learn more about the auction as well as the platform’s upcoming programs with artists like Max Cooper, Benedict Radcliffe and other exciting creative collaborators.
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