I have found a loving woman after my miserable marriage ended – but she doesn’t want sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER leaving a miserable marriage I have now found a woman who makes me feel strong.

We’re both on cloud nine but there’s one issue – our sex life is virtually dead.

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I’m 27 and she is 31.

She was in an abusive marriage before she met me.

When we met we connected at once and fell deeply in love.

After only three months we are already sharing a home.

The problem is that she says sex hurts.

We’ve tried using lube but it didn’t work.

She’s on antidepressants and I’ve said she should see her GP.

She is scared I’ll leave if we don’t get the sex sorted out.

I have told her again and again that I won’t.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is great you have found love but you are moving very fast.

Yes, she should see her GP as a change of medication could help, but she feels insecure and anxiety can block arousal.

Tell your girlfriend that full sex can wait while you focus on building trust.

Work through the suggestions in my e-leaflet, Couples Massage, and show her you are willing and happy to wait.

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