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A WOMAN has revealed what she saw the moment she died.

Courtney Santiago, 32, described going to “other side" after she lost consciousness following her double heartbreak.

“I was only gone for around forty seconds and I didn’t hide the shock on my face, as it had felt like a lifetime," Courtney, from New Jersey, US, said.

The mum, has the BRCA-2 gene which makes her a high risk of developing breast cancer.

In July 2022, the mum underwent a breast MRI – which she does regularly to monitor her health

After inserting the IV, the medical manager began to feel sick and quickly lost consciousness.

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“I wasn’t worried about leaving behind my body, my life, my son or my family and friends – none of that felt important," she explained.

“There was no concept of time whatsoever, just the feeling of complete peace.”

Speaking in video posted to TikTok , she recalled slipping into a “dream state” where she found herself standing on a beach in front of a man whom she had never met, but felt like she had known forever."

Without saying a word, the man reassured her everything was going to be okay and that it wasn’t yet her time.

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Soon, her scenery changed to mountains, the back garden of her childhood home and all the places she felt the most connected to nature.

As she woke up, Courtney claims she was unable to speak as her body felt completely stiff, but soon regained a suitable state to be discharged.

 Further tests revealed she had suffered vasovagal syncope, a condition which often occurs due to high levels of emotional distress.

It causes a prolonged episode of fainting where the heart stops for up to 10 seconds but is not deemed life-threatening. 

Weeks earlier, Courtney had suffered a bad breakup and the death of a friend.

The mum does not believe her experience was a typical case.

“I’m 100% certain what I saw was the ‘in-between’ and was much more than a fainting episode," she said.

In the clip, she details her ordeal, noting that she had a feeling something was going to go wrong during her routine examination.

She continues explaining the situation across another two videos, before ending by saying: “When we die, we’re not gone and where we go, we’re happy.”

TikTok user Lisa Marshall said: “Before my dad died he reported several visions of me at various ages…I’m very much alive. He used no drugs."

Another person added: “I’m a sudden cardiac arrest survivor. Four days in a coma. Honey, I believe you. I already know.” I had a very similar experience last year. Felt like I was in a different dimension,” Karen Rookard commented.

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One person said: “I lost someone recently. This really gave me peace. God bless you.

"My daughter has cardio-inhibitory syncope and her heart actually stops during her syncope for up to 30 seconds,” someone else added

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