Grindr date ‘deserves to suffer’ after injecting man with drugs and burying body

A woman says the man who injected her brother with drugs during chemsex 'deserves to suffer' after her sibling's death.

Hiran Chauhan, 24, died after Neil Cuckson, who he met on Grindr, gave him GHB – also known as liquid ecstasy – and injected him with crystal meth, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Cuckson was handed a six-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to five offences, including administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life.

The 32-year-old desperately tried to cover up Hiran's death, before burying his body in a park opposite his flat in Eccles, near Manchester.

Hiran's corpse was discovered by schoolchildren on July 9 last year, almost a week after he first met Cuckson.

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The exact cause of Hiran's death remains unclear, because the state of his body when it was recovered meant that a normal post mortem examination could not be conducted.

During a sentencing hearing at Manchester Crown Court on Friday, tributes were paid to Hiran by his family.

Statements from his cousins read in court told how Hiran was a 'caring' person who was part of a 'close' family.

But he had a 'complicated' relationship with his parents, the court heard.

He had been victim to bullying when he was a child, but had moved on and was happy with his dream job as a chef.

Hiran's sister, Gemma Chauhan, movingly spoke in court in front of Cuckson to reveal the impact of her sibling's death.

She said: "What kind of individual thinks it's normal to sleep next to a body for six days, wrap him up, buy a car to hide a body, drag a body across a road and dump a body in a field.

"This is not normal and he deserves to suffer.

"Hiran was the life and soul of the party, no matter how he was feeling or what he was struggling with he always had a smile on his face and never let anyone around him be sad or suffer.

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"All Hiran wanted was love, he looked for love from others because unfortunately we did not get this from our parents.

"When I found out he was missing I had a deep hole in my stomach.

"No matter what others said I knew something bad had happened, as Hiran going missing was out of character.

"Each day he was missing I was looking everywhere for him. I'm not religious but each night I prayed for him."

Gemma said she saw on the news that a body had been found and she rang police for an update.

She added: "I remember thinking that the body had been found in such a horrific way, I was hoping and praying that it wasn't my beautiful brother, Hiran. 

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"I still ended up handing missing person leaflets out because I could not imagine the body being Hiran, it just could not be.

"When it was confirmed Hiran's bank card was on the body, I just knew it had to be him, but how could it be, how could someone just dump my loving brother in such a way?

"I sat fully clothed for three hours under a cold shower crying, crying like I had never done before."

Gemma has described how ever since that day she has felt an emptiness within her.

She said: "When I was told what had happened to my brother, I just could not process it. It was horrific.

"What makes it worse is that we will only ever have one side of the story, Neil Cuckson's version of events, I will never know the truth."

Gemma said her brother used dating websites in the hope of finding love.

She also questioned how Cuckson could have behaved so ruthlessly after her brother's death.

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She said: "No justice will ever make me feel better, he took my brother away from me.

"He will have to live his life with all the mental images from those six days.

"He will have to live his life knowing that he has destroyed Hiran's family.

"He not only took one life, many others ended the day Hiran passed away."

The sister said she sees her brother's body being dragged across a street every time she closes her eyes.

She added:"I could not see my brothers face one last time. I just wanted to see him, to stroke his face, to say my goodbyes to him but this was taken from me by Neil Cuckson.

"He not only took my brother away from me he took away my chance to hug him one last time, he took away my goodbye.

"I have to live with the fact that I am never going to know the truth

"Did Neil Cuckson know that keeping my brother's body in the way that he did for so long in such hot weather would prevent or destroy any forensic evidence being located?

"It kills me knowing that the only evidence that we have is from the mouth of the man who took my brother.

"I do not believe that Neil Cuckson has shown any remorse for killing my brother.

"I will never be my normal self again and this is due to Neil Cuckson's actions, he took my brother's life and deserves to pay for this."

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