Greg Norman’s innocent dog photo has an X-rated twist

Greg Norman has delighted fans with a revealing pic on Instagram.

The 65-year-old golfing legend posted three photos of himself with his pooch on the beach captioning it, “A man and his dog on a Sunday.”

But one photo, in particular, caught people’s attention in which his impressive abs and even more impressive features were on clear display.

Cheeky comments abounded.

“Careful, your dog thinks you’re hiding a stick!” wrote one while another read, “Shark, dog and python.”

Naturally Norman’s nickname — “The Great White Shark” — was used.

“THE GREAT WHITE SHAFT!!” screamed one comment while another compared his outline to an anaconda.

Last month the Australian-born golfer announced a partnership with Novexbiotech revealing that he feels in better shape now than he did at 25.

“Health and wellness are a huge priority for me – I’m in the gym every day and I’m very particular about what goes in my body,” he wrote on Instagram.

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