Gossip Girl: Can Someone Please Explain What Roger's Cryptic Voicemail to Aki Means?

Gossip Girl had its midseason finale on Aug. 12, and rather than tying everything up in a nice bow until the show returns in November, it left us with one major question: what the hell does Roger’s (Malcolm McDowell) voicemail to Aki (Evan Mock) mean?

In the final scene of episode six, Roger is shown leaving a message for his son telling him to steer clear from Julien (Jordan Alexander). “There’s one thing I forgot to mention: just for a little while at least, stay away from Julien,” Roger says in the cryptic voicemail. “If you call me back, I’ll talk you through it.” But how are Roger and Julien connected in the first place? Frankly, we had no idea that Roger even knew who Julien was. Could she maybe have something to do with the lawsuit his company is currently facing? Or, perhaps somehow Roger is tied to the protest she and Obie (Eli Brown) attended? Regardless, we need answers.

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