Google's new 'Guest Mode' makes smart homes more private

Google has launched a new ‘Guest Mode’ for its Google Assistant that can be activated on smart home devices such as the Nest Hub.

The new mode means that voice searches won’t be saved to your account and personal results, like calendar entries or contacts, won’t be shown until you turn the mode off.

It was first announced in October last year, but is now rolling out to compatible products in the UK.

It could come in handy for anyone having guests over to their house (after lockdown ends, of course) and doesn’t want their interactions saved on their account. Or to accidentally have personal results displayed to others.

To activate Guest Mode on products like the Nest Audio and Nest Hub Max, you just have to say ‘Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,’ and the Assistant will play a special chime and show a guest icon shown on the display.

Google says if you’re ever unsure if you’re in Guest Mode, you can always ask your device, ‘Is Guest Mode on?’ Guest Mode will stay on until you choose to turn it

Switching it off just requires you to say ‘Hey Google, turn off Guest Mode’, and the device will return to the full, personalized Google Assistant experience.

Think of it like Incognito Mode but for your Google smart speaker.

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