Go Off-Road With Rapha’s First Trailwear Collection

For the first time in its 17 year existence, road cycling aficionados Rapha is readying the launch of its debut trailwear collection, designed for going off the beaten track.

With a goal of making cycling the most popular sport in the world, Rapha continues to portray its deep and honest love for the sport in all its forms. While its heritage lies predominantly in road racing, the label is branching out further afield and going off-road with its Spring/Summer 2021 Performance Trailwear collection.

As is always the case with Rapha, there’s more to each garment than first meets the eye. Behind each and every piece is a story, from backcountry bikepacking trips and World Cup competitions, to afternoon laps around its HQ, it’s an offering that’s been tried and tested.

Engineered for extreme performance — but still driven by style — SS21 comprises a selection of T-Shirts, jerseys, shorts, cargo bibs and more, all of which is designed to last year-on-year.

Such is off-road cycling’s unpredictability, if a garment does become damaged, most of this season’s pieces include a repair patch kit containing excess fabric from the same product, while more serious stitch-ups can still be returned to Rapha for a free-of-charge repair.

Rapha’s Performance Trailwear is available to buy now from the brand’s online webstore.

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