Gemma Collins strips completely naked to help promote PETA campaign

Gemma Collins has ditched all of her clothes and took to a bathtub to conceal her dignity in a bid to raise awareness for animals living in confined conditions.

The TOWIE star dropped jaws with her latest exposé on social media after she posed in the buff, keeping her modesty in tact as she strategically posed in a tub.

The 38-year-old stripped off in a desperate bid to alert people to the troubles that animals face when taken into captivity or made to perform for audiences.

Taking a stand and using her social media account to alert her 1.6 million followers, James Argent's on-off girlfriend took to her Instagram stories to send a clear message.

The GC told fans: "I'm absolutely distraught everyday by what I am seeing on social platforms about how animals are being treated."

Alongside a video of animals performing with trainers and doing tricks the Diva Forever star added: "When we're looking at all these cutesy videos and whales and dolphins jumping and sea-lions performing tricks, that is not normal.

"When people say, oh, my God, why has this whale killed one of our trainers?

'It's because it's an animal that was taken from its mother in the wild, all to live their life in a bathtub."

Gemma certainly drew in the punters with the racy display and demanded attention as she posed completely naked.

The TV personality looked as glam as ever as she boasted a full face of make up and long waved locks for the racy display.

Trying to reinforce the message Gemma shared a snippet of herself speaking about the matter at heart.

She added: "This isn't acceptable, people are making money off of parading these animals, these animals should be free.

"Let's campaign to get all of the marine life into a sanctuary where they can have some actual enjoyment in their lifetime."

The GC has spoken out on issue involving animal welfare previously and also signed up to Go Naked than Wear Fur ad for PETA too.

More and more famous faces are teaming up with PETA, including Amanda Holden, Sharon Osborne and Charlotte Crosby to speak out against marine-mammal captivity.

PETA's say animals "are not ours to use for entertainment" and the group opposes speciesism, the human-supremacist mentality that all other animal species are inferior to our own.

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