Gallery compiles snaps of Sphynx cats and their hairless bodies

Who needs fur! Proud owners of Sphynx cats share snaps of their pets showing off their hairless bodies – including one who looks like a BAT

  • Pet owners from all over the world have shared snaps of their Sphync cats 
  • Particularity of these felines is that they don’t have fur and their skin apparent
  • For this reason, the pets accidentally look perpetually angry, even sleeping

Love them or hate them, the peculiar appearance of Sphynx cats is always a subject of fascination among pet owners. 

From California to Switzerland and Russia, people have shared snaps of their beloved not-so-furry friends which were gathered in a gallery on Bored Panda. 

Sphynx cats set themselves apart from other felines thanks to their pointy ears, prominent cheekbones and hairless bodies. 

First bred through scientific experiments in the 1960s, these pets are particularly warm to the touch and prone to sunburn, due to the absence of a fur coat to protect them. 

Due to their friendly and loyal demeanour, Sphynx cats are often compared to dogs.  

It’s bat cat! People from around the world have been sharing snaps of their hairless felines to prove you don’t need fur to be cute  

This Sphynx cat from Moscow let his ‘hair’ down to have a lounge on his owner’s sofa, with a paw on his belly 

In Florida, this Sphynx specimen showed off their playful side by hanging upside down from their cat tree  

The owner of this Sphynx cat from California  poked fun at their pet’s weird behaviour with this funny sign

In New York City, Mr Dobbs can be seen munching on his tail while wearing a fluffy fur coat in black and mint 

With his black hoodie, US-based Loki looks like he is ready to share his world domination scheme 

Look at those wrinkles! In Switzerland, Xherdan the naked Cat can be seen basking in the sunshine while biting his paws 

This Sphynx cat from Canada showed off their flexibility by raising their back leg to their heads 

This US-based feline seemed fascinated by his little paws and claws while wearing a furry nude-coloured boa   

We definitely would not want to get on the wrong side of Xherdan the naked Cat in Switzerland

The owner of this Sphynx cats, believed to be from the US, said the pet sat this way when he was cold 

Raw! This US-based cat looks positively terrifying when it yawns. Thankfully, Sphynx cats are among the friendliest cat breeds  

In Marrakesh, this cat chilling on the sofa is ready to receive some much expected belly rubs on his tummy  

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